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RAZOR Slurries

AMS is proud to introduce our newest line of slurry for over-the-top cutting speed, called Razor.  Razor X5 is our optimized blend of ceramic abrasives to provide the most efficient cutting while maintaining the highest surface integrity for a final touch-up polish with our SAGE 0.05A oxide suspension.

Engineered blend of abrasive types and particle sizes, work together to provide the most synergistic mechanism for cutting.  It truly cuts at “RAZOR” speed while providing a well-polished surface on metals, resins and hard materials which can then be brought to a final finish with our SAGE 0.05A slurry.   In a metallographic polishing process, sequentially it can take up to 5 steps of polishing with both diamond and oxide suspensions (9um, 6um, 3um, 1um and 0.05um oxide suspensions).  However, AMS’ innovative solution will get the job done in two steps using: RAZOR-X5 and SAGE 0.05A.  This translates into significant time and money saved from taking a traditional 5 step polishing process down to 2 steps.  The cost of ownership will be significantly reduced!!


Typical Applications

  • Metallographic polishing
  • Stainless Steel and metal components
Weight 166 oz

1L, 1Gal


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