ALU-LAB SAGE-0.05A Slurry


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Product Description: ALU-LAB SAGE slurries are ready-to-use alumina slurries. They are water-based and emulsion-based suspensions suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including metallographic, sapphire components, wafer finishing, polycarbonate components, ophthalmic lens, and stainless-steel polishing. ALU-LAB products provide uniform performance with its dispersion technology that allows abrasive particles to stay uniformly dispersed.

  • Suspension slurries with fast polishing action
  • Provides superior polishing results


  • Metallographic Polishing
  • Automotive Clear Coat surfaces
  • Hard Substrate wafer lapping/polishing (Sapphire, GaN, AlN), Silicon)
  • Polycarbonate lenses, Opthalmic lenses
  • Stainless Steel and
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1L, 1Gal


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