BORTRON BT-240 Boron Carbide Powders


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Product Description: BORTRON boron carbide powders are tightly graded synthetic Boron Carbide (B4C) powders with superior hardness only superseded by Diamond and cBN.  Extremely high hardness (9.75 on Mohs scale) and fracture toughness of BORTRON resembles that of diamond, which is why it has earned the nickname Black Diamond.   

  • Extremely hard abrasive similar to diamond. 
  • Uniform and tightly sized particle distribution 
  • Excellent wear resistance and high cutting efficiency. 


  • Body armor plates / Military armor tiles for vehicles / Building armor 
  • Radiation shielding / Neutron absorption applications at nuclear plants.  
  • Abrasive cutting tools 
  • Abrasives for lapping, polishing and wire saw slicing 
  • Metal matrix composites 
  • Polishing slurries and compounds 
  • Filler applications 
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