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Product Description: This set of DIA-LAB SMILE monocrystalline slurries include one 1um 500 ml bottle, one 3um 500 ml bottle, one 6um 500 ml bottle, and one 9um 500 ml bottle. These diamond suspensions are color coded to make them easily identifiable:

  • gray – 1um
  • yellow – 3um
  • orange – 6um
  • green – 9um

DIA-LAB SMILE monocrystalline slurries are ready-to-use water-based and oil-based mono-diamond suspensions designed to be versatile in a wide range of industrial applications including metallographic, optical, metal and ceramic polishing. DIALAB products provide uniform performance with its dispersion technology that allows abrasive particles to stay uniformly dispersed.    

  • Full diamond suspension slurries 
  • Excellent cutting efficiency with superior polishing performance 


  • Metallographic polishing  
  • Hard Ceramics: WC, SiC, Alumina 
  • Optical lens: Silicon, ZnSe, Quartz 
  • Metal polishing  

1 L, 1 Gal


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