DIATRON PTR-1.5 Polycrystalline Powders


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Product Description: DIATRON PTR polycrystalline powders are relatively friable diamond particles designed for aggressive cutting while minimizing subsurface damage on the working surface.  DIATRON PTR powders are synthetically designed via explosion compaction process to provide the highest cutting action with its multi-faceted sharp edges that replenish itself during use through micro-fracturing process.   

  • Uniform and tightly sized particle distribution 
  • Excellent cutting efficiency while minimizing scratching and subsurface damage 
  • High surface purity 


  • Hard electronic substrates: Sapphire, GaNSiC, Ge, AlN 
  • Hard Ceramics: WC, SiC, Alumina 
  • Optical lens: Silicon, ZnSe, Quartz, sapphire 
  • Polishing slurries and compounds 
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100 CTS, 500 CTS, 1000 CTS


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